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Hear Together

WNRN’s commitment to being a voice for our community extends to sharing the real issues facing us, and together in partnership with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, helping to identify ways to get involved and make a difference.

Through our “Hear Together” profiles, which run during regular programming on our station, we hope to shed light on the issues that face our area and inspire awareness and action.

Each piece is a way to spotlight the work of the countless non-profits and volunteers that work tirelessly to improve the lives of people in our area.

We hope by helping identify the ways to address them that we can enrich lives and make a lasting impact. “Hear Together” is just one way that WNRN is committed to making a lasting difference.

Hear Together is presented by:

Inez Bishop Duff Charitable Trust

Mitford Children’s Foundation


Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge

City of Charlottesville via ABRT 


Hear Together Profiles & Updates

Hear Together: The Women’s Initiative

The Women’s Initiative in Charlottesville is a non-profit dedicated to making sure women have the mental health services they need, regardless of ability to pay. They have walk-in clinics, groups, social support, and more in order […]

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Hear Together: Shelter for Help in Emergency

The statistics for teen dating abuse are startling.  1.5 million experience dating abuse of some form each year, but only 33% ask for help. The Shelter for Help in Emergency is working to educate young […]

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Hear Together: Working to Support During Foster Care and Beyond

There is so much more to foster care than taking in kids that need a place to stay. We sat down with experts from different programs that deal with foster care to learn about what’s […]

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Hear Together: Friends of East End Cemetery

When he retired from the banking industry in over a decade ago, John Schuck could not have imagined that he’d be leading a grassroots effort to restore historic African-American cemeteries in Richmond, Virginia. But when the Iowa […]

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Hear Together: CWS Harrisonburg Immigration and Refugee Program

The Church World Service Immigration and Refugee Program has been resettling refugees since World War II. The Harrisonburg location opened in 1988 and has been helping refugees from Africa, South America the Middle East and […]

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Hear Together: The Haven

The Haven staff and volunteers work in many ways, including a day shelter, to meet the basic needs of the homeless and extremely poor in our community.

A philanthropic director on location decided to open the Haven in 2010, after witnessing […]

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