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Hear Together

WNRN’s commitment to being a voice for our community extends to sharing the real issues facing us, and together in partnership with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, helping to identify ways to get involved and make a difference.

Through our “Hear Together” profiles, which run during regular programming on our station, we hope to shed light on the issues that face our area and inspire awareness and action.

Each piece is a way to spotlight the work of the countless non-profits and volunteers that work tirelessly to improve the lives of people in our area.

We hope by helping identify the ways to address them that we can enrich lives and make a lasting impact. “Hear Together” is just one way that WNRN is committed to making a lasting difference.

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Hear Together Profiles & Updates

Hear Together: Beacon of Hope (Lynchburg)

What to do after high school is a topic that many students and families struggle with every year. So in Lynchburg, a non-profit has spent the last five years getting them prepared for that decision […]

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Hear Together: HumanKind

Non-profits with 100 years of history helping the people in their area are rare. But HumanKind in Lynchburg has passed that milestone, and through care, counseling and education, continues to adapt to the needs of their growing […]

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Hear Together: Camp Holiday Trails

“We focus on the camper and not the illness. Campers better learn to manage their diagnosis, whether it be a camper with Type 1 Diabetes who’s learning to carb count, campers with hemophilia learning to infuse […]

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Hear Together: Horizon Behavioral Health

“I think we’ve come a long way in removing stigma so people aren’t afraid to say they have a mental health issue or a substance abuse issues,” says Damien Cabezas, the CEO of Horizon Behavioral […]

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Hear Together: Lynchburg Humane Society

“This is not a sad place. In fact, our slogan is find happiness. We want the community to find happiness, and we want the pets to find happiness.”

That’s according to McKenna Yarborough, the Executive Director […]

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Hear Together: The Listening

A father, an artist, and a mental health worker ends up in Lynchburg, and wants to find a way to bring the community together. So he created a non-profit called “The Listening” as an outlet for […]

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