Decade of Difference features The Everly Brothers. Chet Atkins discovered Phil and Don Everly when they were still in high school and helped sign them to Columbia Records in 1956. During the late 1950, and through out the 1960s, they released 17 albums. Before they launched solo careers, they release two more albums in the early 1970s. From The Stories We Could Tell, Decade of Difference featured The Everly Brothers with  “Ridin’ High.”

Once they went their separate ways in 1973, it was ten years before Phil and Don Everly took to the stage again as a duo. The reunion took place at Royal Albert Hall in 1983. They headed back into the studio with producer, Dave Edmunds, for EB 84. The lead single, written by Paul MacCartney was “On the Wings of a Nightingale.”

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images