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Culture Connection

Culture Connection takes a light survey of the upcoming arts and cultural events going on in the region to spotlight for our listeners. The feature shares the events details chosen and read for our listeners by Beryl Solla, Chairperson of the art department at Piedmont Virginia Community College.

If you would like to submit an arts event that is coming up in the next month, email culture@wnrn.org.

Beryl Solla is Chairperson of the art department and gallery curator at PVCC. She has taught there for ten years and previously taught at JMU and Barry University, in Miami. She received her MFA from the University of Miami and has been making large-scale public tile projects for the past twenty-five years. Beryl is active in various organizations including Piedmont Council for the Arts’ Cultural Planning Committee.

Culture Connection News & Updates

Culture Connection Call For Submissions

Culture Connection is a service of Hear Together on WNRN, and we are always looking for submissions! If you have an interesting arts event coming up in the next month or so that you’d like us to feature, email culture@wnrn.org.

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