Good news!  Cold War Kids are prepping a new album and we’ll be some of the first people to experience the new material.  The guys are working on a new album and hope to release it in the first part of 2011.  Singer Nathan Willett tells of the new disc, quote, “It has a grand and sprawling sound. It’s a big, ornate rock record.”  Willett goes on to explain that his writing is more personal now that he is married.  The singer said, “I got home from [the] tour and realized I was married. All my friends had either jumped in the deep end of a relationship or had drowned. When did things get so serious?”  Willett says the upcoming album is focused on commitment and the joys and failures that go with it.  The album Mine is Yours is slated for a January 25th release and will include the songs Skip The Charades and Bulldozer. Plus Cold War Kids will be performing in Charlottesville at the Jefferson Theater on December 2nd.