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Acoustic CD of the Month, May 2018

WNRN’s May 2018 Acoustic CD of the Month is the new release from Trampled By Turtles, Life Is Good on the Open Road.

After releasing several albums regionally in their native Minnesota, the word about this energetic band playing bluegrass instruments with a rock verve found its way to Virginia. WNRN started playing Trampled By Turtles in the morning with Duluth and Palomino. When Stars and Satellites came out, WNRN was ready to embrace them through out the day. Wild Animals helped Trampled By Turtles become a national act playing festivals from Telluride Bluegrass Festival to Bonnaroo. “Are You Behind the Shining Star” found its way onto TV commercials and shows.

Trampled By Turtles members took 2016 and 2017 to work on other projects. Dave Simonett, Tim Sauxhaug and Ryan Young recorded as Dead Man Winter.

Life Is Good On the Open Road is the welcome return of this mid-western band. This album is the result of their retreat to the Minnesota woods. There are songs akin to “…Shining Star” like “We All Get Lonely” as well as ones that make good party soundtracks, “Kelly’s Bar” and the single, “The Middle.” Trampled By Turtles returns to Red Wing Roots Music Festival this summer!

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Electric CD of the Month, April 2018

WNRN’s Electric CD of the Month for April is The Deconstruction from Eels. It has been four years since Mark Oliver Everett (AKA e) released an album as Eels. Everett took a hiatus from music and during that time he acted in the Netflix series Love, got married, got divorced and, at the age of 54, had a son.

In an interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air Everett described the idea behind The Deconstruction. “We spend most of our lives after we’re born slowly building up these defenses and walls around ourselves,” Everett explains. “I just thought, ‘What’s underneath all that? What would happen if you tore down those defenses?'”

There is a point counterpoint as The Deconstruction moves from song to song. The title track, that starts the album, is a melancholy affair that builds to the entrance of “Bone Dry” featuring some spacey, 1960’s production in the vein of “These Boots are Made for Walking”. Also in that vein dance along with me to “You Are the Shining Light”.

Eels brings us the ecstatic, frenzied world of moving on and feeling free on “Today is the Day” that is a familiar themed translated differently in “Sweet Scorched Earth”.

Enjoy the variety that The Deconstruction has to offer, it is a ride of emotions and sound that is worth taking.

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Acoustic CD of the Month April 2018

Tearing at the Seams from Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats is WNRN’s April 2018 Acoustic CD of the Month.

For the first Night Sweats record, Nathaniel Rateliff demoed all the songs then brought them to the band. For this Tearing at the Seams CD, the Night Sweats created a set of songs that sound like a party record but are full of deeply personal confessional lyrics from Rateliff. “I remember finishing one song and just losing my s**t and breaking down. These songs are so personal, but not everyone will get that. I get to leave little secrets in there for myself, so that everybody else gets to have their own individual interpretations of the songs.”

The Night Sweats went to the home studio of producer, Richard Swift, who has produced projects for The Shins and Foxygen in addition to The Night Sweats’ last one. There they created the live sound on Tearing at the Seams. It is evident on “Hey Mama” which evolved from an acoustic guitar riff Rateliff devised to one of the catchiest songs on the album. “You Worry Me” features echoing guitars that has those soul vocals and horn section that we come to expect after “SOB” from the first record. The whole CD is full of fun songs including “Be There,” “A Little Honey” and “Say It Louder”.

The title of the album speaks to the band taking a look at their sound, at their long-held definitions of friend and family and band. Tearing at the Seams builds on the sound of their debut but redefines what they can do and where they can go next.

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Electric CD of the Month, March 2018

WNRN’s March Electric CD of the Month is from Richmond native Lucy Dacus. Historian, her second full-length album picks up where the 22 year-old musician left off with her debut from 2 years ago, No Burden, open and attuned to her feelings and bringing the details of life into full focus.

As noted by the title Dacus is looking back. The album begins with “Night Shift” penned to tell the story of dealing with the dissolution of her 5 year relationship with her former bassist. The song begins as a heartfelt ballad and as the 6:30 minute story unfolds it gains strength and tempo. “Pillar of Truth” finds Dacus remembering her grandmother who recently passed away. A tender song that has an uplifting quality, no small feat for a songwriter.

Some other standout songs on Historian include “Addictions”, the single you have likely heard on WNRN. “Non-Believer” that features Richmond mainstays No BS Brass Band and finds Dacus talking to her Mother about her faith. “Body To Flame” where a string section gives warmth and teeth to a tight pop song. It is followed by the slinkiest, blues rock song to come from Dacus, “Timefighter”.

Recently immortalized in articles for The New York Times, Rolling Stone and People Magazine, plus, you can find Lucy Dacus discussing a bit about each song in the latest edition of Newsweek. It is such a pleasure to watch people take note of such a talented musician. We were so happy to host Lucy and her band at WNRN right before her Sold Out show in Charlottesville at The Southern Café and Music Hall. I asked her about community and collaborating with her fellow Richmond musicians. Dacus said that without the Richmond music scene she never would have gotten started. Her friends, like My Darling Fury, would put her on a show to make her perform.

I can’t imagine not having Lucy Dacus expressing herself as a musician and being an ambassador for Richmond and Virginia talent. Enjoy Historian as the Electric CD of the Month.

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Acoustic CD of the Month, March 2018

The ninth album from Tuscon, Arizona based Calexico, The Thread That Keeps Us, is WNRN’s March 2018 Acoustic CD of the Month.

One reviewer called the new album from Calexico mistakenly “The Threat That Keeps Us” instead of Thread. The likely source of this slip came from listening to the lyrics of smoky scenes, disenfranchised running across fields and the general look at border politics. There is the apocalyptic “End of the World With You,” and built in concern about wildfires in “Voices in the Field” and “Bridge to Nowhere.”

On the second half of The Thread That Keeps Us, there are songs with Calexico’s signature cross border sound and lighter lyrical content. Fans of Joey Burns and John Convertino 22 year collaboration will be delighted with “Flores y Tamales” that includes mariachi horns over a cumbia rhythm. “Under the Wheels” fuses reggae rhythms with 80s flare. “Another Space” includes Miles Davis sounding trumpet.

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Electric CD of the Month – February

WNRN’s Electric CD of the Month is One Drop of Truth by The Wood Brothers.  The trio started their tour with a sold out show at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville.

Video from WNRN’S In Studio session is at our YouTube page. Along with playing “River Takes the Town”, the infectious song that introduced us to this new album, The Wood Brothers also performed “Happiness Jones”. A song about getting your fix of positivity in every form that you can.

It was thirteen years ago that The Wood Brothers came together to make their first collaboration. Oliver had moved to Atlanta to be in Tinsley Ellis’ band, that lead to the blues band King Johnson where Oliver was singer, guitarist and songwriter. Chris studied Jazz bass at the New England Conservatory of Music before moving to New York City where he formed Medeski Martin and Wood. Each brother had been hugely successful, but as the two playoff of each other with Jano as The Wood Brothers they create a joyful and unique sound that is unmistakably their own.

Highlights abound on this album, but along with the songs the band performed at WNRN check out “This Is It” a bright, yet introspective song that plays up the percussion in surprising ways and the booze soaked fun of “Sparkling Wine”. “Laughin’ or Crying”, with its slinky guitar line that evokes a world fitting for the main character that might have lived in the Broadway show Chicago.

If you didn’t get to see The Wood Brothers in January in Virginia they will be playing on Saturday, May 26 in Martinsville, VA for Rooster Walk 10.

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