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Take 2@2 for Friday, August 26, 2016


Take 2@2 for Friday, August 26th, 2016 Lockn’ 2016 is finding its’ groove. When we began this trip a week ago Monday there were so many covers that initially crossed my head. Most of them were performed by Phish.

summerinstaThe Vermont quartet is the world’s greatest cover band. Period. It is simple math to prove this point. You take their arsenal of original songs. Then add the number of covers they incorporate into their set lists. To count them all up would require a WNRN intern to work nonstop for weeks.

Whenever I am about to enjoy a Phish show, I tingle with anticipation. Very much like a kid on Christmas Eve, I know to expect the unexpected. That must have been the case for the lucky fans that got attend the shows that would become the live release Hampton Comes Alive. Phish brought everything to this show. During this Hampton Coliseum run Phish played twenty covers. Including a song that was a massive hit at the time.

Will Smith had already conquered the US by the time Big Willie Style came out. He and DJ Jazzy Jeff toned down rap for a broader appeal. Then came the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. After that Will Smith was a house hold name as the starring role in blockbuster movies. In 1998, Smith was at the top of the charts thanks to “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It.”

Phish’s cover of “Getting’ Jiggy wit It” starts off with another cover. The begin with a tease of the Argent song “Hold Your Head Up.” Then with a slight pause, Mike Gordon lays the bass over Fishman’s percussion. Page McConnell brings in his funk on the keys. Then Fishman begins to rap the lyrics to the Will Smith top 40 hit. Phish showcase the party nature of the song without patronizing the tune for its’ simplicity. After all that they bring it back to Argent?!

Strap yourself in. Phish is doing 4 sets over 2 nights. Expect the unexpected and lock in.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey


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Take 2@2 for Thursday, August 25, 2016


Take 2@2 for Thursday, August  25th, 2016 we have made it. Today is the day! Lockn’ Music Festival gets underway later today. There are so many outstanding live acts that are coming this year it is truly hard to get them all involved with Take2 in 10 business days.

One performer was named Paste Magazine’s Best Live Act of 2015. We’ll get to him in a few. The first Lockn’ was scheduled to featuring a headlining performance by Neil Young. The set was cancelled as Neil’s guitarist broke his hand a few weeks before the festival. Now, Neil we haven’t forgotten and we’d love for you to come join the party sometime. From his 1972 album Harvest let’s do two versions of “Heart of Gold.”

Careers don’t get much longer and harder than Charles Bradley. In the Sixties, Bradley was a runaway teen on the streets of New York. He took a job as a cook where a coworker noticed his resemblance to James Brown. As a kid, Charles Bradley began to emulate the Godfather of Soul. He started a band that played a few gigs but his bandmates got drafted to the Vietnam War.

In the Seventies, Bradley relocated to California where he found restaurant work. It would be twenty years until he performed again. In the Mid-Nineties he returned to Brooklyn and began singing some late night shows. One night in 2002 his shown was seen by Gabriel Roth one of the co-founders of Daptone Records. Roth got Charles Bradley together with the Menahan Street Band. In 2011, after so many decades, Charles Bradley released his first album No Time for Dreaming which features this cover of “Heart of Gold.”

He has been dubbed the Screaming Eagle of Soul as he leaves absolutely nothing on the stage.

charlesbCharles Bradley is the rightful heir to thrown of the Godfather of Soul. Long may the Screaming Eagle soar. Charles Bradley and His Extrodinaires take the Lockn’ stage at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey


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Take 2@2 for Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Take 2@2 for Wednesday, August 24th 2016 our Lockn’ Pre-Party continues. Throughout the process of finding songs to highlight Lockn’ acts, one band is truly difficult to get on the radio, Ween. In going through our vast archives I did find one live performance that I was able to make into a radio audience friendly song.

In Nineteen Hundred Eighty-Four, Van Halen released their 6th album which they ingeniously titled, 1984. The record produced the group’s only number one hit “Jump” and is the last album with original singer David Lee Roth. One song from 1984 was a staple on MTv. Adolescent males hurried home to witness a video that described one strife high school boys had to endure. This is “Hot for Teacher.”

Lockn’ headliners Ween covered “Hot for Teacher” on their Live at Stubb’s album. The three disc set covers Ween’s previous seven albums. During this hootenanny down in Austin, Texas, Ween did this raucous cover of Van Halen. Ween plays Lock’ tomorrow night at 10pm and Friday night at 6pm.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey

Ween-LiveAtStubbs (1)

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Take 2@2 for Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Take 2@2 for Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016 our Lockn’ Music Festival excitement continues to grow. Last week we received a request from Brian T. Brian suggests we play a cover performed by My Morning Jacket on August 16th, 2002. For the record, I didn’t know that this certain cover existed.

We’ll get to the original after the cover for today’s Take2. My Morning Jacket do an amazing job of transforming the song you are about to hear into a tune that could have come right from Jim James and Company.

The My Morning Jacket cover of “Suspicious Minds” was recorded at the 9:30 Club in 2002. MMJ make their Lockn’ debut as the headliners on Saturday night. They’re scheduled to take the stage at 10:20 pm.

Elvis Presley originally recorded the single in 1969.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey


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Take 2@2 for Monday, August 22, 2016

warren haynes roo

Take 2@2 for Monday, August 22nd, 2016 we continue to get ready for Lockn’ Music Festival. Last week we had a number of great requests for Lockn’ covers. In 5 days, I didn’t have time to play them all.

Mitch called the request line last week and suggested I play a certain cover of a Grateful Dead song. We’ve covered the Dead a bunch during Take2 and even though Mitch has a great idea, I’m trying really hard not to cover the Dead for Take 2. I’m making myself work a little harder.

Today we are going to play a song from Phil Lesh & Friends. The song was written by one the Friends members. Warren Haynes wrote “The Real Thing” for the Phil Lesh & Friends album There and Back Again. Haynes has also performed the song numerous times over the years including his live solo album Live at Bonnaroo.

I am featuring this song to showcase the true community of the Lockn’ Festival spirit. Warren is a tremendous performer. However, when he had the rest of the band members behind him for that version of “The Real Thing,” the power of Warren’s musicianship has no limits. To quote Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Warren Haynes is sadly absent at Lockn’ this year. Phil & Friends is performing twice this year. The first set on Saturday with Page McConnell and Jon Fishman from Phish with Joe Russo and The Infamous Stringdusters. The second set on Sunday with Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Gary Clark Jr.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey


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Take 2@2 for Friday, August 19, 2016


Take 2@2 for Friday, August 19th, 2016 our week long spotlight of Lockn’ 2016 comes to an end?

Earlier this week I received an email from Brooke B. Brooke has just moved to Charlottesville from Arlington and she really enjoys listening to WNRN. Thanks Brooke!

Brooke wants to hear a certain Lockn’ band cover her wedding song. In 2003, Brooke was married to the Rolling Stones song “Loving Cup.” The original is from the Stones’ 1972 album Exile on Main St.

The cover that Brooke requested is from Lockn’ headliner Phish. “Loving Cup” has been performed by Phish 125 times. You can read an excellent history of the song on Phish.net. Phish is scheduled to perform two nights, with four sets at Lockn’. Plus keyboardist, Page McConnell, along with drummer, Jon Fishman, will perform as part of Phil & Friends.

For her efforts Brooke receives a car wash from Brown Automotive Group.  And great news! We are extending Lockn’ Take2@2 through next week!

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey

phish 30609

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In Studio session with Carl Broemel

We met up with Carl Broemel at Virginia Arts Recording where he performed songs for us from his new album, 4th of July.  The album was released Friday, August 19th, you can click here to purchase or listen to the full album. Listen to the full session that includes songs, “Sleepy Lagoon”, “Rockingchair Dancer” and “Snowflake” plus an interview with Melissa Goode.

You can see Carl Broemel at Lockn 2016 with My Morning Jacket and in Charlottesville at The Southern Cafe & Music Hall on November 11th, 2016.


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Grateful Dead Night with The Flying Squirrels TONIGHT!

Tonight we’re at The Diamond with Flying Squirrels Baseball for Grateful Dead Tribute night. There will be live music, our In-Studio Session IPA from South Street Brewery, LOCKN’ Festival ticket giveaway, and Ed will throw out the first pitch!

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Take 2@2 for Thursday, August 18, 2016

curtis curtic

Take 2@2 for Thursday, August 18th, 2016 we are officially one week away from Lockn’ Music Festival. Today we listen to a Lockn’ band pay tribute to a funky forefather with a cover so good it is hard to tell the difference between their cover and the original.

In 1970, Curtis Mayfield released his debut album Curtis. Mayfield produced the album himself and even released it on his own label Curtom. At the time this is pretty rare especially for an African American musician launching his own career. The percussion and empowerment that carries the beat and lyrics of “Move On Up” has driven and inspired millions.

Lettuce released the album Rage! In 2008. Guitarist Eric Krasno says,  “This album is a tribute to all the Funk greats. We all grew up through the evolution of Funk into Hip Hop, hearing the original versions as well as the sampled versions. Our versions incorporate both.” Lettuce is performing a late night at the Blue Ridge Bowl Stage on Saturday, the 27th at Lockn’.

I hope you enjoy today’s Take 2@2, sponsored by Brown Automotive Group.

– Tad Abbey

lettuce rage

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In Studio with River Whyless

River Whyless visited WNRN for an In Studio session and interview with Tad Abbey. They played songs from their album, We All The Light. Look for them to be back in our area for The Festy Experience in October!

Listen to the full interview and songs “Life Crisis” , “Baby Brother” , and “All Day All Night” here:

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