Wake-Up Call: Synthetic Biology with students from Renaissance School

November 16 2014, 12:34pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

A conversation on synthetic biology with students from Renaissance School. Anna Minutella from the Science Department joins Rick Moore with students Alli Ambrosini, Anders Beaurline, and Konstantina Damvakaris. Modifying e. coli to solve different problems like cheap anti-malarial drugs. Competing internationally with other High School age groups. Have teamed up with UVA for research and Synbio night. Discussing the ethics of modifying genes. GMOs and mass producing food.

Wake-Up Call: Post Election with Bob Gibson

November 9 2014, 12:42pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

This week Rick Moore is joined by Bob Gibson, the executive director of the Sorensen Institute for Political Leadership.┬áPost Election conversation to discuss what Tuesday’s vote means for Virginia and throughout the country.

Wake-Up Call: 2014 Virginia Film Festival

November 2 2014, 12:15pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

On the November 2nd Wake-Up Call, host Rick Moore talks to Festival Director Jody Kielbasa, Programmer Wesley Harris, and Podcaster Sean McCord about the 2014 Virginia Film Festival. During the hour, they give an overview of the films included in this year’s festival schedule, how these films were selected, and information about the program overall.

Wake-Up Call: Intuitive Analyst, Lee Channing

October 26 2014, 12:24pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

Rick talks with Intuitive Analyst, Lee Channing, discussing work, life and well being. Lee delves into color; black is for protection, green for emotion, yellow intuitive. Conversation about major decisions, based on fear or love. Energy shifts that happen during the change of season. Lee Channing’s latest book is Intuitive Color Awareness Guide.

Wake-Up Call: Campus Sexual Assault

October 19 2014, 12:17pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

On the October 19th Wake-Up Call, Rick Moore talks with Emily Renda, UVa Student Affairs’ program coordinator and member of the Governor’s Sexual Assault Task Force, J. Lynn Windsor, a student at Lynchburg College, and Claire Kaplan, Director of the Gender Violence and Social Change program at the UVa Women’s Center. Topics discussed include the right way to report, handle, and investigate an instance of sexual assault, the resources available to students, and the institution’s role in handling perpetrators.

Wake-up Call: Bullying

October 12 2014, 1:00pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

October is Bullying Prevention Awareness month and Rick Moore is joined by Rick Vrhovac, Principal at Sutherland Middle School. The discussion includes the difference between bullying and teasing. What to do if you’re being bullied and warning signs for parents and teachers. How cyber bullying has put a new spotlight on bullying.

Wake-Up Call: Green Living with Better World Betty

October 12 2014, 12:35pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

This week Rick Moore is joined by Teri Kent, founder and executive director of Better World Betty. The pair discuss recycling, all-in-one vs. single stream. Tips to reduce the junk mail with receive and reducing styrofoam containers from restaurants. Along with living green in your kitchen and bathroom.

Wake-Up Call: Honor Code

September 28 2014, 12:19pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

On the September 28th Wake-Up Call, Rick Moore is joined by UVa Honor Committee Chair Nick Hine to talk about the philosophies, processes, and criticisms of the Honor Code at UVa. Topics discussed include the history of the Honor Code, changes in the Honor system, how Honor offense cases are handled.

Wake-Up Call: Missing Women

September 21 2014, 12:41pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

This week on the Sunday Morning Wake-Up Call Rick Moore talks with Courteney Stuart, Editor at Cville Weekly, about the disappearance of Hannah Graham, the 18 year-old UVA student went missing on Saturday, September 13. Discussing the latest details about the two individuals that have been questioned after being seen on video with Graham. Moore and Stuart also talk about three other people who were assaulted around the same area that Graham went missing from.

Wake-Up Call: Minimum Wage

September 14 2014, 12:25pm
Categories: Sunday Morning Wake Up Call

On the September 14th Wake-Up Call, UVa Professor of Economics William Johnson joins Rick to talk about the economic effects of the minimum wage. Topics discussed include how the minimum wage influences the consumer price index, the labor market, and poverty among low-income families.