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March 19 2010, 2:16am
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Yo Charlottesville!

Check out Durty Nelly’s later today (Friday) for a psychobilly show featuring the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cannibals

NEXT Friday, 3/26 you can see the hinduskakid live at Runk’s Green Room on the UVA Campus! This comedy show is free, competitive and open to all pedestrians.

Next Thursday is our fund drive – we’ve got one shot to make it count, and we’re setting a goal of raising $300! Help us out with pledges of $25 and we’ll give you all the swag we can fit in a bag, from CDs to WNRN Tees and other little goodies that sport the station you support.

Syphony in X Major
-Tutone, Nosebleed & Magellan

Coming up!

February 25 2010, 11:32pm
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Ska Punks No Losers invites Franz Nicolay to help us guest DJ and tell us about the fast times and high life of being a musician. Catch him on tour as he goes up the east coast and tune in to the station in about half an hour to hear how it’s going!


Shows for Ska Punks

February 19 2010, 8:34pm
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There are a few shows to check out this week!

TONIGHT, 2/19 Dixie Licks and the Astronomers
See cow punk, diy burlesque and indie rock space cadets
Pireus Row in Belmont, Charlottesville 11 pm

Monday, 2/22 WNRN hosts Franz Nicolay of Guignol
Circus music, gypsy aesthetic and red wine
The Camel, RiVA, 7pm

Wednesday, 2/24 Big D and the Kids Table
Skank! Meet ska punks! Show them we’re worth coming back for!
The Jefferson, Downtown Charlottesville


Ska Punks Guest Stars

February 19 2010, 2:24am
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Franz Nicolay – with a foot in Guignol, World/Inferno Friendship Society, and Anti-Social Music Franz Nicolay is coming on ska punks to guest DJ next Thursday!

He’s got a little show WNRN is hosting too, going on at the Camel in RiVA. Get there at 7pm and prepare yourself for action!

Stay tuned for Ska Punks No Losers, Thursdays at Midnight to 2am.

Hearts & Stars,

Ska Punks wishes you a happy snowday

February 5 2010, 2:02am
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Grab a beverage and someone you like, it’s gonna be a looong couple of nights!

Ska Punks Tracks 1.29.10

January 29 2010, 2:15am
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Woo! Thursday night.

40 boyz – Rock ‘n’Roll
Riddlin’ Kids- Tell Me Lovely
Resiliance- If the Kids are United
Slackers- Married Girl
Rancid- Life Won’t Wait
Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Where’d you go
Op Ivy- Take Warning
The Cramps- Garbage Man
No means no- The Hawk Killed The Punk
NOFX- Seeing Double at the Triple Rock
Dead Kennedys- Police Truck
Clash- Should I Stay or Should I Go


Propagandhi- Ska Sucks
Descendents- I’m The One
Freetown- Skinhead Girl
Dropkick Murpheys- I’m shipping out to boston
Dillenger Four- Our Science is Tight
Distillers – Sick of it all
The Casualties- Rebel
Desmond Dekker The King of Ska- The Isrealites
River City Rebels- The System
Suburban Studs – I Hate School
The Queers – Poor Little Rich Working Class Oi Boy
Aquabats- Powdered Toast Man
Strike Anywhere- To the World
Big D and the Kid’s table- Shining on
Catch 22- Party song
Against Me- Don’t Lose the Touch


Fugazi- Waiting Room
Skatalites- Phoenix City
Digger- Box of Letters
X Ray Spex- Germ Free Adolescent
Riot Act- One Riot act to hold back a nation
DEF- I hate DEF


Big D and the Kid’s table- You’re last
Inspector 7 Asbury Park you’re crazy
Total Chaos- DUI
Street Dogs- Tale of Mass deception

Franz Nicolay comes to Ska Punks

January 27 2010, 1:51pm
Categories: Ska Punks No Losers

Franz Nicolay is hiking down from his home in Brooklyn New York to come hang out with the DJs of Ska Punks / No Losers. You’ll be able to hear him Thursday at midnight on 2/25.

Bands he’s romanced include:

The Hold Steady

World/Inferno Friendship Society


And oh you know Leftover Crack, Mischief Brew, and the Dresden Dolls.

Call in and tell him how much you want to huff his mustache.