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February 2016 Electric CD of the Month

Exceptional. Weird. Accessible.

15 years ago in Philadelphia, Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman started writing The Psychedelic Swamp which was the music that would lead to the creation of Dr. Dog. The sessions were put onto cassettes for fans in the year 2001, but was ressurrected last year when Dr. Dog decided to re-record the songs and collaborate with a theater troupe to bring the character of Phrases, a swamp inhabitant, to life. Think of it as Dr. Dog’s Rock Opera.

Dr. Dog isn’t trying to leave you completely confused by their idealistic musical creation. On the contrary, they just want you to come to The Psychedelic Swamp and enjoy yourself.

I would suggest listening to the album in its entirety to let the concept wash over you, but highlights for me include the subtle harmonies of McMicken and Leaman on “Dead Record Player” and the surf guitars of McMicken’s “Swampadelic Pop.” You should listen to “Bring My Baby Back” where Leaman has crafted a solid song that could easily have been included on any of Dr. Dog’s albums and “Engineer Says” in which Leaman pulls you into a bluesy world that develops into organized chaos.

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February 2016 Acoustic CD of the Month

Tedeschi Trucks Band third album, Let Me Get By, is testament to the commitment, hard work and musicianship of the husband wife team of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi. These 10 new, original songs are produced by Derek Trucks, and co-written by Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Mike Mattison, Doyle Bramhall II and members of the band. Now that all solo efforts and Derek’s work with the Allman Brothers are past, they are all-in on this new record where you can hear echos of their previous work and influences, but the sonic center of Let Me Get By is their own sound being forged together. (photo credit: Mark Seliger)

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January 2016 Acoustic CD of the Month

Dylan LeBlanc’s 3rd album, Cautionary Tale, is Anne’s pick for January’s Acoustic CD of the Month.

Dylan LeBlanc was born in Shreveport, Louisiana to a hit writing dad, James LeBlanc. Dylan moved with his father to Muscle Shoals to allow James to become a session musician and write songs for Rick Hall and Fame Studios. Surrounded by this musical atmosphere, Dylan started writing songs. Dylan returned to Shreveport, lived with his grandmother, and started his music career. Dylan eventually walked away from a major label deal after two albums, but returned to Muscle Shoals to create this new one and get help from John Paul White (Civil Wars), along with Ben Tanner (Alabama Shakes). This third album continues with more quiet, haunting tunes brought to life with his falsetto voice and sparse instrumentation, but now with more wisdom and knowledge that one must approach life as a Cautionary Tale.

Dylan LeBlanc will be performing at the Southern Cafe and Music Hall on Saturday, January 30.

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Electric CD of the Month – December 2015

The December Electric CD of the Month comes from our neighbor in Albemarle County  Suz Slezak and her husband David Wax who decided to move back to the area to raise their young family. David Wax Museum’s Guesthouse is the tale of a band that has grown up together, feel in love and now has adult responsibilities. With Guesthouse there is a lovely progressesion from David talking about himself as “Young Man” to “Everything Changes” as ‘two becomes three’.

With their first 4 albums David Wax Museum explored a Mexo-Americana soundscape with unique textures, complete with donkey jawbone. Guesthouse  brings you into a vivid, yet relaxed world with opening track “Every Time Katie” and expands into new territory for David Wax Museum with huge synthesizers on “Dark Night of the Heart” and on title track “Guesthouse”.

Raucous fun leads to the love song “Singing To Me” that will leap into your heart and the single guitar strummed beauty of “Time Will Not Track Us Down” that could easily be a lullaby for the couples daughter. There is much to appreciate about David Wax Museum and Guesthouse features a great time capsule of who David and Suz have become and points (more than one) interesting path for future efforts.

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Acoustic CD of the Month – December 2015

Adele’s 25 is Anne’s pick for December’s Acoustic CD of the Month.

A record breaking 3 million copies sold in a week. Adele once again shows her power to just make us listen.  Where 21 was a ‘break up’ album, 25 is dubbed the ‘make up’ album that has stark ballads along with more full collaborations including ones with Bruno Mars, Dangermouse, and Max Martin and Shellback. Be assured that there is heartache and longing just like there was with 19 and 21 just tempered with the perspective that comes with age and motherhood.

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Acoustic CD of the Month – November 2015

The November Acoustic CD of Month is the newest from Josh Ritter called Sermon on the Rocks.

Since the beginning of his career, Josh Ritter has been on our radar at WNRN, but no project has caught my attention more than this new one. Album number 8, Sermon on the Rocks, also represents a sharp contrast from the last project that was quieter and filled with the emotions of the break up of his marriage. This new project is upbeat, full of vivid characters, and written in a way that shows his obvious love of language. The single, Getting Ready to Get Down, has some clear biblical references. There are more sprinkled through out the album, but that track throws them out fast and furious!

-Anne Williams

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Electric CD of the Month – November 2015

The holiday season is just around the corner and I am happy to share with you the first full album from BØRNS as WNRN’s Electric CD of the Month for November. Dopamine is an electronic rock album that employs a deep sense of composition to bring some depth to synthesizers that can feel cold and robotic.

The album begins with “10,000 Emerald Pools” and “Dug My Heart” showing off Garrett Borns as a force to be reckoned with. “Electric Love” you have likely heard on WNRN and snapped your fingers to. The Michigan native has a voice that soars in the style of Frankie Valli, or possibly, Ronnie Spector.

-Melissa Goode

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Electric CD of the Month – October 2015

Our Electric CD of the Month for October is Foals What Went Down!


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Acoustic CD of the Month – October 2015

Our Acoustic CD of the Month for October is Glen Hansard’s Didn’t He Ramble!


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Electric CD of the Month – September 2015

Our Electric CD of the Month for September is The Arcs Yours, Dreamily!


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