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New Morning Music Picks, June 21, 2016

“Father of Newgrass,” three time Grammy award winner, and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement for Instrumentalist Award from the Americana Music Association, Sam Bush , is releasing a new CD, Storyman, this Friday.  Four years in the making, you can hear Bush’s freewheeling style in all of these co-writes. He worked with bandmate, Stephen Mougin, along with Emmylou Harris and the late Guy Clark. “Transcendental Meditation Blues” was co-written with Jeff Black. Sam Bush plays live at The Festy, in Nelson County, October 9th.

Undercurrent , out last week, is Sarah Jarosz’s fourth release, but first since graduating last year from the New England Conservatory then relocating to New York City. All original songs, some co-writes, Jarosz recorded her song cycle capturing the process of personal evolution and the nature of change.  WNRN spins “Take Me Back.” Jarosz will be at both the Harvester Performing Arts Center and Birchmere in late July.

Young in All the Wrong Ways, Sara Watkins’ newest solo release, will be out July 1st. Best known a singer and the fiddler of Nickel Creek, she has toured with A Prairie Home Companion,  The Decemberists, and The Mutual Admiration Society. Watkins states that this third solo record is her break up record with herself. Watkins tries out a variety of styles including some stand-out percussion on the track, “One Last Time.” Watkins will be at The Hamilton in DC, on October 6

Mountain Heart is re-formed and, by all accounts, better than ever. Five years after their last release, Mountain Heart is still driven by the talents of lead singer and songwriter, Josh Shilling. Blue Skies has a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” and a couple of songs that were written by others including a Chris Stapleton/Ronnie Bowman/James Stewart co-write.  “Addicted,” written by Shilling, shows Mountain Heart’s  bluegrass roots while trying out arrangements that help them step outside of its confines.

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New Morning Music Picks, June 7, 2016

Toronto’s ex-punk rocker turned Alt-country artist, Daniel Romano, is back with a new CD, Mosey, on New West Records.  “Hunger Is a Dream You Die In” has that ironic twist that comes when beautiful melody is paired with dark lyrical content.

WNRN joins Bonnie Raitt as a fan of Bonnie Bishop. Raitt performs “Undone” on her new CD, Dig in Deep. The title of Bonnie Bishop’s new CD,  Ain’t Who I Was, refers her return to the music business. She was always on the soulful side of country music. This new one focuses more on her blues side. “Mercy” is a fine example of her soulful voice, her writing and her re-emergence with the help of Dave Cobb as producer.

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June 2016 Acoustic CD of the Month

The Acoustic CD of the Month for June 2016 is the Darrell Scott’s album, Couchville Sessions.

Darrell Scott is a successful country songwriter, placing songs with the biggest names in country music, including several major chart hits. Travis Tritt made “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” a hit. The second single from the Dixie Chicks’ Home was Darrell Scott’s “Long Time Gone”. For over 20 years, Scott has worked consistently as a studio musician and released a series of his own solo albums. He also performed as part of Robert Plant’s Band of Joy tour.

For this new career spanning release, Darrell Scott recorded 5 covers and 9 originals. Some of these new songs were recorded back in 2001 and others as recent as last year.  The album version of “Down to the River” includes a story made up and told by the late Guy Clark. One  covers is Peter Rowan’s “Midnight Moonlight.” Through out the whole disc, you get the sense of his range as a singer, master musician and performer.

New Morning Picks, May 31, 2016

Williamsburg’s own, Bruce Hornsby, has a new CD, Rehab Reunion. Hornsby shows us his non-keyboard talents. Constantly reinventing himself, he mastered the hammer dulcimer along with creating new songs for this new effort. He adds Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Mavis Staples to the Noisemakers for a song each. Mavis sings soulfully on “Celestial Railroad.”

William Bell is a staple of the Stax line up and has been making hit records since the 1960s. This Is Where I Live gives us “The Three of Me” and joins his many stellar performances that include “Tryin’ to Love Two” and “You Don’t Miss Your Water.” Bell also penned the blues classic “Born Under a Bad Sign.”

Derek Hoke is back on the WNRN airwaves! In 2013, we enjoyed his humorous song, “Hope We Make It on Love.” Derek has created another fine collection of well crafted songs, Southern Moon. We will feature the song where Hoke channels his inner Roy Orbison, “Nothing I Won’t Do.”

WNRN introduces The Lonely Heartstring Band, and their first Rounder release, Deep Waters. Winners of the IBMA 2015 Momentum award, this band is predominantly Berklee College of Music grads and have been touring since 2012. You can catch them at the Hill Country BBQ event in DC on June 25. In the meantime, please enjoy “The Tide” when it plays in the mornings on your radio.

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New Morning Picks, May 17, 2016

Yarn is one of the hardest working bands on the Americana music circuit. They play 170 shows a year. Recently transplanting itself from Brooklyn to North Carolina, Yarn took some time off from the recording treadmill to take a look at real life circumstances and write from the heart. May 27th is the release date of the new CD, This is the Year. “Easy Road” is about the temptation to step around consequences.

Robert Ellis’s self titled album will be out June 3rd. You may have seen him when he has performed at the Southern Cafe and Music Hall or a WNRN VIP member event. The new album on New West continues to showcase Ellis as a songcraftman. Here he take the reigns as producer and creates an exceptional space for his songs. “Perfect Strangers” lets us hear the songwriting and production chops that is woven through out this effort.

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New Morning Picks, May 3, 2016

Willie Sugarcapps came from a Southern Alabama songwriters circle. Taking their name from members of the band, Will Kimbrough, Sugarcane Jane (Anthony Crawford and Savanna Lee), Grayson Capps, and Corky Hughes, this band has just released its second album, Paradise Right Here. “Dreamer’s Sky” is the first track.

Asheville, NC country roots band, Honeycutters, has been playing up and down the East coast for years. Centered around the vocals and songwriting of Amanda Anne Pratt, she enlarged her role to the producer starting on the last album. On the Ropes is just a solid piece of work where you can hear them finding their voice. They do a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. WNRN focuses on the title track. The album will be out May 20th.

Central Virginia’s own, Carl Anderson, has just released this song, “Not Forgotten You” prior to his return for a show at the Southern Cafe and Music Hall, May 28th. WNRN welcomes any music from this now Nashville based performer and hopes for a follow up to Risk of Loss soon.

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May 2016 Acoustic CD of the Month

Andrew Bird’s Are You Serious is the May Acoustic CD of the Month. This is the work of a high-caliber musician.  Known initially for working with Squirrel Nut Zippers, Andrew Bird has been putting our critically acclaimed albums since 2003. All are immaculately written, full of surprise with a different pallet of instruments and arrangements than the average singer-songwriter. But Andrew Bird is not average.

For this new work, Bird issued his own challenge then answered it with this project. Bird said, “That friction between the tone of the music and what the lyrics are saying creates the humor and melancholy that helps us deal with it all. If its dark on dark my eyes glaze over or I think ‘are your serious?’ In fact, that’s what I was thinking of calling this record, I guess because the songs got into a personal territory that, dare I say, are almost confessional, and that naturally makes me a bit uncomfortable.”

In Bird’s personal life since his last album, he has gotten married, had a child — and his wife battled cancer. The single, “Capsized,” sings uncharacteristically in plain terms his experience with a break up. The title track teases that he “used to be so willfully obtuse, semantics like a noose, get out your dictionairies” and declares “this is all non-fiction.” In the duet with Fiona Apple “Left Hand Kisses” confronts love’s charm and vulnerability. Other favorites are “Puma” and “Saints Preservus.”

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New Morning Music Picks for April 26, 2016

More Charlottesville area music is coming to the mornings at WNRN with the single from the Will Overman Band. They have been instudio with us in the past. WNRN is playing “All I Say” in anticipation of the album release at The Southern on June 4th. The album is self-titled Will Overman Band.

Margo Price wowed us all with her appearance on Saturday Night Live on April 9th. Her debut, Midwest Farmer’s Daughter, is on Jack White’s Third Man Records. Although Price’s sound does harken back to classic country singers like Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette, the heartache you hear comes through her own loss and betrayal that she has experienced. WNRN brings you, “Since You Put Me Down.”

Multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter, Darrell Scott, has written country hits, played with Robert Plant in his Band of Joy, and toured and collaborated with others including Tim O’Brien. Digging through the archives he found a majority of these songs already to go. The album features Bill Payne (Little Feat), Guy Clark, and Peter Rowan. We can look forward to the cover, “Midnight Moonlight” when the Couchville Sessions is released on May 13th. Right now, we will enjoy Darrell’s own glorious waltz, “Down By the River.” Darrell Scott will be performing at the Lime Kiln Theater in Lexington on May 21st.

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New Morning Picks for April 19, 2016

Central Virginia own, Mary Chapin Carpenter, will be releasing a new Dave Cobb produced CD on May 6th called The Things That We Are Made Of. “Something Wild Something Tamed” sounds like it came from 1987’s Hometown Girl album. The new 14th studio album gets back to what captured fans with her early releases as well as chronicling where she is now and how she is moving forward.

Charlottesville and Lynchburg based Hackensaw Boys worked with Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Levon Helm) to produce this new project, Charismo. Campbell states, “The Hackensaw Boys have an infectious musical spirit that’s pure and delightful. It was a thrill to get to work with these guys.WNRN featured the new CD during the recent fundraiser and looks forward to playing, “Don’t Bet Against Me.”

Putting together indie folk’s idiosyncratic artists, Sam Beam and Jesca Hoop, results in Love Letters For Fire. Beam is known for his intimate vignettes.  Hoop tends towards more abstract and figurative music.  Here they balance  while adding innocence and mischief.  The single “Every Songbird Says” gives you a taste of this collaboration with sugar on top.

The new project from producer Dave Cobb is his reenvisioning of the 1979 album White Mansions. He invited artists  he produced including Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton, Anderson East and others to contribute tracks. The compilation is called Southern Family, capturing the everyday moments of family through the lens of the American South and its culture. Holly Williams (Hank’s granddaughter) gives us “Settling Down.”

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Haroula Rose live on WNRN at 9a, April 12

Haroula Rose will perform songs from the recent CD, Here the Blue River, at 9a this morning. She is on tour with Darlingside and David Wax Museum. They will be at the Camel in Richmond tonight.

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