April 30 Minute Throwdown!!!

April 8 2014, 2:25pm
Categories: 30 Minute Throwdown

30 Minute Throwdown is a half-hour radio program created by students from Tandem Friends School through a program called Radio Resource, an audio broadcast education program resulting from a partnership between Music Resource Center and WNRN.

This month’s show is fantastic, a true testament to the dedication of the students involved and the amazing guidance of Damini Harrison.

Click on the podcast below to hear the show and be blown away by the quality level these kids have achieved in a few short months.

And be sure to tune in to WNRN at 11:30am on Sunday May 4th for the final version of the show produced by this group of teens. ¬†As an extra bonus the show will be LIVE!!! That’s right, you read it correctly, The Radio Resource students will be broadcasting LIVE from the WNRN studios.

Anything could happen but you have to listen to find out what.



30 Minute Throwdown #4

March 4 2014, 3:23pm
Categories: 30 Minute Throwdown + Culture Connection

The fourth ever 30 Minute Throwdown features lots of local music PLUS and interview with David Wax Museum!

Check it out by clicking on the Podcast below.

Be sure to tune in to WNRN or listen online at wnrn.org on April 6th at 11:30am for episode #5.

30 Minute Throwdown is an audio broadcast training program for teens made possible through a partnership with Music Resource Center, WNRN and The Tandem Friends School.


30 Minute Throwdown February 2, 2014

February 3 2014, 11:14am
Categories: 30 Minute Throwdown

30 Minute Throwdown is a radio show produced by teens for teens featuring music that teens like or that local teens have recorded a AND it ROCKS!

30 Minute Throwdown is sponsored by Radio Resource, a partnership between Music Resource Center, WNRN featuring students from Tandem Friends School.

To learn more click here for the 30 Minute Throwdown website.