WNRN Board of Directors

The next Board of Directors meeting of Stu-Comm, Inc, the licensee of WNRN, will be held on February 16th at 7pm at 2250 Old Ivy Road, Suite 1. The meeting is open to the public.

WNRN and WNRS-FM are owned and operated by STU-COMM, Inc., a Virginia non-profit, non-stock corporation.

Stu-Comm, Inc. (WNRN) Board of Directors (email – board@wnrn.org):


Paul Wright, Charlottesville, VA

Vice President:

Halsey Blake-Scott, Charlottesville, VA


Shawn Brydge, Charlottesville, VA


Henry Chambers, Richmond, VA


Ashley Carroll, Sweet Briar, VA

Maynard Sipe, Charlottesville, VA

Laura Galgano, Charlottesville, VA

Siobhan Deeds, Lexington, VA

Lee Marraccini, Charlottesville, VA

In accordance with Section 396(k)(4) of the Federal Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C. 396, et seq., as amended, all board meetings of STU-COMM Incorporated (license holder for WNRN-FM) are open to the public.

Portions of any regularly scheduled meeting dealing with sensitive legal or personnel matters may be closed to the public at the board’s discretion.

The STU-COMM board meets four times each year, in March, June, September and December.