Band Of Horses may be in the midst of promoting its Infinite Arms album, but the creative process never stops. Singer Ben Bridwell tells BBC’s 6Music, quote, “We’ve been touring so hard lately that a lot of us have been writing songs in hotel rooms and wherever we can. But none of them are any good, at least on my front.” The vocalist admits, quote, “We took so much time on this record that it would be nice to do a quick one. I miss the idea of doing things on the fly and less thought out, so maybe we’ll start screwing around in the studio next year.”

Bridwell says his most recent tracks he’s been writing have been very dark, which is something he’s not happy about. He laughs, quote, “It’s things about being squished to death and cannibalism. I don’t know, I think going to Australia during the winter this year added a lot of dark inspiration and studying their history and writing songs in a minor key, for some reason. And what we’ve been talking about [lately] and being obsessed with World War II and civil war, and so everything I’ve been thinking about seems to be about people dying, so right now it’s not looking too good on the album front.”