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November 13th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Hear Together: Rivanna Conservation Alliance (Marilyn’s Story)

The way Marilyn Smith looks at it, it’s a way to do something to help the community, while being out in the rivers and streams that she loves.

“I get really antsy to get back into the stream.”

Marilyn is a Rivanna Conservation Alliance (formerly StreamWatch) volunteer, in other words, a citizen scientist. That means that during two collection times a year, she wades out into parts of the Rivanna River basin, and collects macrioinvertebrates—tiny bugs—for analysis.

For this “Hear Together” profile, we look at the role of Rivanna Conservation Alliance volunteers and how they are shaping the future of the waterways click here.

October 18th, 2015|Hear Together|

Hear Together: Jefferson Area Board for Aging

jabaGetting older can be a complicated business. But if you are lucky enough to live in Central  Virginia, there are people here to help with just about every aspect. There’s a senior center, insurance counseling, home-delivered meals, caregiver support groups, a preschool that links students with senior mentors, a neighbor-to-neighbor program. And the Jefferson Area Board for Aging, or JABA, and their volunteers have a hand in all of it.

“It really is about  what are the resources and information and referrals that will help keep people aging in community,” says JABA CEO Marta Keane. For this “Hear Together” profile we take a look at how JABA is improving aging in place in Central Virginia.

If you want to lend your help to one of JABA’s many different programs for seniors in our community click here.

October 18th, 2015|Hear Together|

Why Support WNRN? VIP Member Events…

Having just closed out our Fall Fund Drive, it’s a great time to talk a bit about what being a WNRN member means. One of our most exciting VIP member benefits is the opportunity to participate in Member Only events, like our recent mini-concert with Trampled by Turtles.

In the past few years, we’ve hosted member only events with Jon Russell of The Head and the Heart, Blitzen Trapper, David Wax Museum, and many more. These events are chances for WNRN supporters to hear the music you love, played by the musicians you respect in smaller, more intimate local venues.

The Trampled by Turtles event was a chance for our members to meet the band and hear a few quick songs at a mini-concert at the WNRN studios before the Charlottesville show.

Do you want to have chance to participate in these VIP events? Become a WNRN supporter now!

Become a WNRN Member!
October 14th, 2015|Membership, Miscellaneous|

Avers Visit with WNRN

Richmond-area band Avers visited the NRN staff in Charlottesville recently at Virginia Arts Recordings. A Richmond-based band, The Avers have a large Charlottesville following and have frequently played The Southern and other local venues.

From their website:

Psychedelic pop. Blistering garage rock. Fuzzed-out shoegaze. Free-formed throwback jams. With their amps cranked high and their voices doused in reverb, Avers brew up their own kind of spacey swirl. It’s a sound that keeps one foot in the past and the other in the present, like some kind of 1960s time capsule unearthed by a group of 21st century indie kids.

And it sort of happened by accident.

On a summer night in 2013, two Richmond based musicians got together to talk shop and geek out over psychedelic records. It went well. The next time, they brought along some additional friends. Before long, a proper six-piece had formed, with The Head and the Heart’s Tyler Williams on drums and some of the city’s best frontmen including James Mason (the Mason Brothers), James Lloyd Hodges (Farm Vegas), Alexandra Spalding (Hypercolor), Adrian Olsen (Hypercolor), and Charlie Glenn (the Trillions) swapping their way between bass, guitar and keyboard duties. Everybody sang, adding harmonies and background vocals to the band’s noisy sweep.

In just over a week, ten songs were written. The music was ethereal and expansive, with electric guitar riffs that sprawled skyward into the ether and deep-seated percussion that brought everything crashing back to earth. Avers recorded everything as they went along, setting up shop at Olsen’s own studio, Montrose Recording. Located on an historic Richmond plantation and featuring some of the same vintage equipment used by hometown heroes like Sparklehorse and Brian Harvey, Montrose became the band’s official home base, a place where new sounds could be coaxed out of old instruments.

Tracked live and produced by the bandmates themselves, Empty Light is a tribute to chance encounters and shared goals. It’s the sound of a young band coming together, blending a plurality of influences the epic sweep of Spiritualized, the guitar-fueled freakouts of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the cultish crunch of Brian Jonestown Massacre into something singular. It’s a record that invites you to turn on and tune in… but it won’t let you drop out. Empty Light is too rousing for that.

—Andrew Leahey

Listen to Avers here!

October 13th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Hear Together: Literacy Volunteers (David and Eloy)

11148841_10153083263542483_2274561395390079650_nEloy and David talk back and forth like old friends. David is tutoring Eloy at Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville/Albemarle. Eloy speaks Spanish and wants to improve his English. That means David is a crucial part of Eloy’s learning navigating his new country.  For this “Hear Together” we explore the value of language skills for students of all ages. More information about volunteering with our local Literacy Volunteers is click here.

September 26th, 2015|Hear Together|

Hear Together: Rivanna Conservation Alliance (David’s Story)

11024597_10153471077991758_5464519920147799707_nHow are you at identifying bugs? It’s probably not something you have given much thought to. But being able to identify them, or being willing to learn, means volunteers with Rivanna Conservation Alliance (formerly StreamWatch) have the potential to impact the health of the Rivanna River basin that so many of us rely on for everything from drinking water to waste treatment to recreation. For this “Hear Together” profile, we talk to a volunteer that has helped to provide critical insight in how to care for our water supply.

You can help Rivanna Conservation Alliance can do a wide variety of things, more information is click here.

September 26th, 2015|Hear Together|

The Dawn Drapes on Commonwealth of Music

Coming up this Friday at 11pm we will air our Commonwealth of Music recorded at Blue Sprocket Sound with The Dawn Drapes. Tune in at www.wnrn.org!

September 25th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Hear Together: Computers4Kids (Jim’s Story)


“We created a RGB, a red/green/blue LED array within a hat, it was a big hit,” says Computers4Kids volunteer mentor Jim Grimes. The hat was a science project, built by him and the student he mentors at Computers4Kids.  For this “Hear Together” profile, we take a look at the role that Jim and other volunteers play in educating students in science, math, and more.

To find out about becoming a volunteer mentor or contributing your talents to Computers4Kids click here.

September 24th, 2015|Hear Together|

Hear Together: JABA “Neighbor to Neighbor” (Jane’s Story)


One morning a month, Jane Greyson takes a drive out in the country. She looks forward to it. Jane is a volunteer with JABA, or the Jefferson Area Board for Aging. “My personal route goes out to Crozet and White Hall, so it happens to be a gorgeous drive that I get to make once a month,” she says. Her drive means much than a pretty ride. She gets to visit the older folks on her volunteer route, and they get critical supplemental nutrition.

For this “Hear Together” profile, we talk about the critical role that volunteers play in the health and well being of our aging population.

For more information on how to lend your help in one of JABA’s many programs click here.

September 24th, 2015|Hear Together|