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Ease into your day with the best music around, every weekday from 6am until 10am. Hosted by Anne Williams. Anne has been with the station for over 16 years. The Acoustic CD of the Month Club has become a staple of WNRN’s fund drives and grows in members each year.

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Decade of Difference: Merle Haggard

Decade of Difference features Merle Haggard. Merle Haggard along with Buck Owens helped define country music’s Bakersfield Sound. In 1969, Merle Haggard release Okie from Muskogee album, which reflected a conservative, blue collar image. The single, “Fightin’ Side of Me” was released in 1970. In more recent interviews, Haggard stated that he was not educated on the issues and encouraged others to read up before criticizing.

The early 1980s were a successful time for Merle Haggard. He had 12 top 10 hits, duets with George Jones and Willie Nelson, narrated a movie, plus published an autobiography. Along with studio albums, he released Rainbow Stew Live from Anaheim in 1981. WNRN played  “Rainbow Stew” on a Decade of Difference.

Photo: AP

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Decade of Difference: Laura Nyro

Decade of Difference features Laura Nyro. Best known for her song writing in the late 1960s including “Wedding Bell Blues,” “Stoned Soul Picnic” and “When I Die”, these song gave other artists number one hits. Laura Nyro continued writing and releasing her own music in the early 1970s. From the 1971 release with Labelle, it’s Laura Nyro with the title track to Gonna Take a Miracle.

To understand Laura Nyro in the 1980s, it is best to look at what she was doing for the rest of the 1970s. She rejected David Geffen’s offer to sign to Asylum, she married, and retired from music for most of the 1970s. After the marriage ended, she reemerged, started making music, and gave birth to her only child. Her only album she released in the 1980s was Mother’s Spiritual. Decade of Difference featured the title track.

Laura Nyro passed away from ovarian cancer in 1997. She was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012.

Photo: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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Decade of Difference : Gordon Lightfoot

Decade of Difference features Gordon Lightfoot. Lightfoot started having chart success in his native Canada in 1962. He helped define the folk-pop sound of the late 1960s and early 1970s. In 1970, Gordon Lightfoot signed to Warner Brothers. During this decade, he released 7 albums as well as the collection, Gold’s Gold. In 1971, he released Summer Side of Life.

In the 1980s, Gordon Lightfoot stepped away from the folk-pop sound that he helped to define towards a more Adult Contemporary one. The highest charting song  from 1986 album, East of Midnight is “Anything for Love” on a Decade of Difference.

Photo: Rick McGinnis

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Decade of Difference: Robert Plant

Decade of Difference features Robert Plant. Plant started with Led Zeppelin in 1968. By the 1971 when Led Zeppelin IV was released, they were already one of the most successful Rock bands. Robert Plant is known for his exceptional vocal range. Some of Led Zeppelin’s lyrics reflect Plant’s interest in JRR Tolkien or Welsh Mythology. This song is reportedly about Joni Mitchell. In other interviews Plant stated this song was a reflection on struggling to find himself in the midst of groupies. From the Led Zeppelin catalog, it’s “Going to California.”

Robert Plant released his 11th  solo album on Friday, Carry Fire. Plant started is solo career in 1982 with Pictures at Eleven. “Big Log” comes from his second solo album, Principle of Moments. The primary drummer for this album is Phil Collins. It’s Robert Plant on a Decade of Difference.

Photo: Cover of Carry Fire

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Decade of Difference: Paul Simon

Decade of Difference features Paul Simon on his 76th birthday. Simon and Garfunkel split at the peak of their career in 1970. Paul Simon released his self-titled album that year and began his successful solo career that includes 16 Grammys, a show on Broadway, and many honors including being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. One of the songs from the initial solo release is “Me and Julio Down By the School Yard.”

One of the defining albums of the 1980s is Simon’s best seller, Graceland. It was released in 1986. Despite the boycott of South Africa because of their Apartheid policies, Simon collaborated with South African musicians to create the album. It won the Grammy for Album of the Year in 1987. From Graceland, it’s the title track on a Decade of Difference.


Photo: Paul Simon album cover

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Decade of Difference: Hall and Oates

Decade of Difference features Hall and Oates. Initially the Philadelphia duo, Daryl Hall and John Oates, struggled to find their sound. Lou Rawls had a hit with “She’s Gone” before they finally had one of their own with  “Sara Smile” This is found on their self titled album from 1976. It’s Hall and Oates and the song about one of Daryl Hall’s old girlfriends and sometime collaborator, Sara Allen.

1980 was the turning point for Hall and Oates. They decided to record at Electric Lady Studios instead of LA, which was right down the street from their new homes in NYC. From the resulting album, Voices, they had a series of hits. The next album released in 1981, Private Eyes,  gave them a quick succession of number one hits including the title track, then 10 weeks later, this is one, “I Can’t Go For That.”

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