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Ease into your day with the best music around, every weekday from 6am until 10am. Hosted by Anne Williams. Anne has been with the station for over 16 years. The Acoustic CD of the Month Club has become a staple of WNRN’s fund drives and grows in members each year.

Anne Williams News & Updates

Anne’s Road Trip Picks

My general theme for any road trip catalog is “Don’t get heavy, keep it light” (quoting the recent Radiohead song, “Present Tense”). I did add some older catalog to the new music mix with some classic Lucinda Williams and Kirsty MacColl. I recommend that you pick whatever will keep you happy and brings back pleasant memories.

Here are my new music picks from recent trips:

  1. Avett Brothers – True Sadness
  2. Radiohead – A Moonshaped Pool
  3. Andrew Bird – Are You Serious
  4. Austin Plaine – Austin Plaine
  5. M. Ward – More Rain
  6. Dylan LeBlanc – Cautionary Tale
  7. Josh Ritter – Sermon on the Rocks
  8. Paul Simon – Stranger to Stranger
  9. Margaret Glaspy – Emotions and Math
  10. Shearwater – Jet Plane and Oxbow
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New Morning Picks, July 5, 2016

Derik Hultquist has put out a series of EPs since his arrival in Nashville a decade ago. Knoxville native taught himself to play on his Dad’s guitar. One that he says was “the worst guitar,” forcing him to do his own thing, in terms of guitar work and songwriting. Southern Iron, produced by Frank Liddell (he also produced Aubrey Sellers’ newest), is a continuation of his observations about life, and earnest singing and songwriting. The whole project is excellent, we are spinning “1983.”

Frankie Lee has already received multiple four star reviews for the full length project, American Dreamer. Lee grew up in Minneapolis. Lee’s musical journey started by listening to his father’s record collection, learning to play guitar and befriending Slim Dunlap of the Replacements. After some college, Lee went to Nashville, then Austin where he worked with Townes Van Zandt’s son, JT,  as a cabinetmaker, and started playing shows. Lee’s sojourn took him to Los Angeles, then back to Minneapolis area. He wrote the majority of these songs while working on a hog farm.  “Where Do We Belong” is one of ten excellent songs from Frankie Lee’s debut.

Yet another Dave Cobb produced album, this time it’s the tenth studio album from Lori McKenna, The Bird & the Rifle, out on July 29th. Supported by Faith Hill, she has had songs covered by Reba McIntire, Alison Krauss, Keith Urban, Hunter Hayes, and Little Big Town, just to name a few. Her songs portray un-championed lives where stories unfold on the front porch, kitchen or in the front seat of the family car. On the new album, you can hear McKenna’s version of her own, “Humble & Kind,” a song that Tim McGraw made a hit, as well as the single from this CD, “Wreck You.”

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Acoustic CD of the Month for July 2016

The Acoustic CD of the Month for July 2016 is the 13th studio album from Paul Simon, Stranger to Stranger.

Paul Simon does not believe in writers block. Good work takes time. Stranger to Stranger is his first release in five years. Featuring musical experimentation infused with custom made instruments, collaboration with many musicians including Italian electronic artist, Clap! Clap!, background vocals from Bobby McFerrin and samples of the Golden Gate Quartet, these songs shows Simon’s desire to tell good stories and place them in the perfect environment.

The first three songs on the album use the custom-made instruments created by music theorist, Harry Partch, in the mid-twentieth century. These instruments allow 43 tones to an octave  giving a different approach and sound to “The Werewolf,”  “Wristband,” and “The Clock.” A teacher who was in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that Simon knew inspired “The Riverbank.” “Proof of Love” and “In the Garden of Edie” are tributes to Simon’s wife, musician Edie Brickell. Tying it all together, characters and a variety of instruments make appearances through out Stranger to Stranger.

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New Morning Music Picks, June 21, 2016

“Father of Newgrass,” three time Grammy award winner, and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement for Instrumentalist Award from the Americana Music Association, Sam Bush , is releasing a new CD, Storyman, this Friday.  Four years in the making, you can hear Bush’s freewheeling style in all of these co-writes. He worked with bandmate, Stephen Mougin, along with Emmylou Harris and the late Guy Clark. “Transcendental Meditation Blues” was co-written with Jeff Black. Sam Bush plays live at The Festy, in Nelson County, October 9th.

Undercurrent , out last week, is Sarah Jarosz’s fourth release, but first since graduating last year from the New England Conservatory then relocating to New York City. All original songs, some co-writes, Jarosz recorded her song cycle capturing the process of personal evolution and the nature of change.  WNRN spins “Take Me Back.” Jarosz will be at both the Harvester Performing Arts Center and Birchmere in late July.

Young in All the Wrong Ways, Sara Watkins’ newest solo release, will be out July 1st. Best known a singer and the fiddler of Nickel Creek, she has toured with A Prairie Home Companion,  The Decemberists, and The Mutual Admiration Society. Watkins states that this third solo record is her break up record with herself. Watkins tries out a variety of styles including some stand-out percussion on the track, “One Last Time.” Watkins will be at The Hamilton in DC, on October 6

Mountain Heart is re-formed and, by all accounts, better than ever. Five years after their last release, Mountain Heart is still driven by the talents of lead singer and songwriter, Josh Shilling. Blue Skies has a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Maggie’s Farm” and a couple of songs that were written by others including a Chris Stapleton/Ronnie Bowman/James Stewart co-write.  “Addicted,” written by Shilling, shows Mountain Heart’s  bluegrass roots while trying out arrangements that help them step outside of its confines.

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New Morning Music Picks, June 7, 2016

Toronto’s ex-punk rocker turned Alt-country artist, Daniel Romano, is back with a new CD, Mosey, on New West Records.  “Hunger Is a Dream You Die In” has that ironic twist that comes when beautiful melody is paired with dark lyrical content.

WNRN joins Bonnie Raitt as a fan of Bonnie Bishop. Raitt performs “Undone” on her new CD, Dig in Deep. The title of Bonnie Bishop’s new CD,  Ain’t Who I Was, refers her return to the music business. She was always on the soulful side of country music. This new one focuses more on her blues side. “Mercy” is a fine example of her soulful voice, her writing and her re-emergence with the help of Dave Cobb as producer.

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June 2016 Acoustic CD of the Month

The Acoustic CD of the Month for June 2016 is the Darrell Scott’s album, Couchville Sessions.

Darrell Scott is a successful country songwriter, placing songs with the biggest names in country music, including several major chart hits. Travis Tritt made “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” a hit. The second single from the Dixie Chicks’ Home was Darrell Scott’s “Long Time Gone”. For over 20 years, Scott has worked consistently as a studio musician and released a series of his own solo albums. He also performed as part of Robert Plant’s Band of Joy tour.

For this new career spanning release, Darrell Scott recorded 5 covers and 9 originals. Some of these new songs were recorded back in 2001 and others as recent as last year.  The album version of “Down to the River” includes a story made up and told by the late Guy Clark. One  covers is Peter Rowan’s “Midnight Moonlight.” Through out the whole disc, you get the sense of his range as a singer, master musician and performer.

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