Tift Merritt‘s newest, Stitch of the World, is the February 2017 Acoustic CD of the Month.

Written between a divorce and the birth of her daughter, Tift Merritt, recorded this new CD with Sam Beam of Iron and Wine. Before releasing it, she took the time to move back to Raleigh, NC, settle into a new life as a mom near her parents and long-time friends, then Merritt planned the released Stitch of the World for the end of January 2017. It was worth the wait.

“What strikes me most when I am writing these days is the changing nature of things,” Merritt states in her bio for the new album. She sees the doubled nature of being alone as refuge and lonely, hometowns as constricting and balm for the soul, and intimacy with lovers as well as what comes with family. These feelings and images are wrapped into the narratives of the songs. The sounds range on the new effort from the jangly “Dusty Old Man”  to the more contemplative, “Icarus.” She was inspired to set parts of Raymond Carver’s poem, “My Boat”, to music after hearing news reports about Syrian refugees making sea crossings to Europe.

Throughout Stitch of the World, you can hear the influence of producer, Sam Beam. He is heard directly on some background vocals as well as in the general sweetness and openness of the project. This all lends itself to Tift Merritt’s fine songwriting. There are some great players including Marc Ribot on guitar as well as Eric Heywood on pedal-steel.