About WNRN

WNRN is an independent, non-profit organization of professionals and volunteers producing informative and entertaining music programs for a diverse community that seeks and supports an alternative to rigid commercial media.

WNRN is not affiliated with any university or governing institution. More than 90% of WNRN’s operating budget comes from listener and underwriting support.  This allows WNRN to be directly responsive to our audience and to avoid the ugly dictates of corporate radio playlists and programming.

WNRN is a small professional staff assisted by volunteers and local student interns.  WNRN volunteers host radio shows, help manage our computer systems, keep the office running and assist us when we’re out in the community at events and festivals.
Our internship program offers students direct experience at a working radio station.  To volunteer or to inquire about our internship program, email volunteer@wnrn.org

Please consider becoming a member.  Business underwriting information is here.

STU-COMM, WNRN’s board of directors was established in 1993 as a Virginia non-profit corporation and WNRN signed on the air in August 1996.