• New Morning Picks, May 31, 2016

    New Morning Picks, May 31, 2016

    Williamsburg’s own, Bruce Hornsby, has a new CD, Rehab Reunion. Hornsby shows us his non-keyboard talents. Constantly reinventing himself, he mastered the hammer dulcimer along […]

  • WNRN Goes Phish

    WNRN Goes Phish

    Tune in Friday, June 3 at 6 PM as we kick off 24 hours of Phish! We’ll be playing a full day of […]

  • Coming up on World Cafe…

    Coming up on World Cafe…

    Boogarins join David Dye on this episode of the World Cafe. The Brazilian band makes music influenced by the ‘60s art movement, Tropicalismo, which gave […]

  • In Studio session with M.Ward at VA Arts Recording

    In Studio session with M.Ward at VA Arts Recording

    We had an In Studio session at VA Arts Recording Studio in Charlottesville with M.Ward. We aired this session on May 17th, 2016 on WNRN. You […]

  • Starr Hill Cheers For Charity in May

    Starr Hill Cheers For Charity in May

    This month WNRN spent Thursday nights in the lovely taproom at Starr Hill Brewery in Crozet for Cheers For Charity. During the month of May, […]

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Take 2@2 Tuesday, May 21, 2016

Take 2@2 for Tuesday, May 31, 2016 we dive deeper into the Day of the Dead.

Today we cover “Ship of Fools.” […]

  • ceelo

Take 2@2 Monday, May 30, 2016

Take 2@2 for Monday, May 30th, 2016 we celebrate the 41st birthday of Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, AKA Cee Lo Green. […]

  • JohnTrevino

Culture Connection: May 30th- June 5th

It’s first Fridays and there is plenty to see. New City Arts presents Yearnings: Paintings by Stephanie Cohen and Photography by […]

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We depend on the support of our members and underwriters, but in addition to that, WNRN hopes to provide a community for its membership and sponsors – a community where like-minded individuals can come together to hear great music, experience local events, and build friendships and partnerships.

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Our commitment to being a voice for our community extends to sharing the real issues facing us, and together in partnership with the Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, helping to identify ways to get involved and make a difference. Through our new Hear Together profiles, we hope to shed light on the issues that face our area and inspire awareness and action.

  • WildVirginia

Hear Together: Wild Virginia

Wild Virginia is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Virginia’s national forests. They start with getting residents out into […]

  • http://www.wnrn.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Hanover-Fire-and-Rescue-Lt.-John-Green-Undated.mp3

Hear Together: Hanover Fire & EMS, Station 10.

The men and women of Hanover Fire-EMS are a special team of dedicated career and volunteer emergency responders working side […]

  • International Rescue Committee

Hear Together: International Rescue Committee

The path to citizenship can be overwhelming for newcomers to the United States. But with the help of the International […]

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What Our Listeners are Saying

WNRN is the first station on my dial and the only station that offers that ‘just’ right’ blend of artists I love and new music discoveries. Music news and local sponsors are also reasons I enjoy listening to NRN have been a faithful listener for the past 13 years.
Nathan F., Charlottesville, VA
When we moved to Cville six years ago, we didn’t really have strong community ties. About a year after our move, we started volunteering at the station, and it finally felt like we were home. Now five years later, some of our best local friends came from relationships built through NRN. Thanks for helping to make Charlottesville a true community for us!
Kristy and Adam, Charlottesville, VA
I love the mix of new and older music!! I moved to Harrisonburg a year ago from Maryland and there is nothing like WNRN there. I listen to it daily. It’s amazing to me that this station can bring so much musical joy to me!
Karen S., Harrisonburg, VA
Best music radio station I’ve ever heard. Love the range of new music, the local commitment, and of course the giveaways! Thanks for keeping the spirit of good radio alive and for giving back to nonprofits with the community connection.
Laura A., Fredericksburg, VA
I was introduced to WNRN by my girlfriend, just as we first started dating. You could say we fell in love to many of the songs played on this station. She’s currently serving overseas but we can still listen to the online stream together. Thanks WNRN!
Ben P., Milton, FL
I want to take this opportunity to thank you, and everyone at WNRN, for the pleasure you bring every day, all day long, and the joy of discovering new artists, or new songs by old favorites. I love being able to support my favorite station!
Brenda M., Amherst, VA
I listen to WNRN all the time–I love it. I grew up in Charlottesville (and went to UVa). I now live in Washington, DC and still listen online/on the app. You all play the songs I love and you also introduce me to great new music.
Martha F. , Washington, D.C.
Love the music selection and the lack of ads. Hoping to help support keeping your signal going strong in Richmond!
Stacey S. , Richmond, VA.
Love all of your programming. Love hearing new music. No commercials! Member benefits are nice too!
Matt F. , Charlottesville, VA
I love the new music. I think it’s great you guys support the local guys and you know what sounds good. I don’t have to worry about hearing a song over and over again or be bothered with annoying commercials.
Chester R. , Waynesboro, VA
Awesome radio station – love the music. Love the weekly emails for contests too. Even if I don’t win, I get to hear about upcoming events.
Jane E. , Charlottesville, VA
WNRN provides great music and supports our incredible local music scene as well. As music lovers and musicians, we appreciate both!
Keith and Jennifer M., Charlottesville, VA
Best station ever! It’s that simple. (I have pledged regularly since spring of 2004 and even listened/pledged when I lived in North Carolina for a few years, though we’re back in Cville now.)
Seamane F., Charlottesville, VA
WNRN is the only station where we can hear the artists and music we love. And of course Grateful Dead and Phriends on Saturday mornings!
Andy H., Richmond, VA
WNRN is the first station on my dial and the only station that offers that ‘just right’ blend of artists I love and new music discoveries. Music news and local sponsors are also reasons I enjoy listening to NRN and have been a faithful listener for the past 13 years.
Nathan F., Charlottesville, VA
It’s more than a radio station – it’s our morning ritual; highly respect the music choices made by Anne Williams. Thanks for bringing in World Cafe – now we stay tuned to WNRN morning and evening. Awesome station!
Catherine L., Manakin Sabot, VA
I love WNRN. I listen now matter where I live or travel. This station is one of my all-time favorite things. Thanks for being so amazing, WNRN!
Kate T. , Tampa, FL
Love the programming! Love the fact that you are not listening to the same 10-50 songs over and over and over again! Love to support local and not for profit entities. You guys are great!
Jeff L. , Midlothian, VA
No other station out there like it! Always hearing great new music and old favorites!
Sydney H. , Lynchburg, VA
Discovered the station and the awesome selection played while I was in VA hiking on the AT. Fell in love!
Kathleen L. , Brandford, CT
Long time listener. Love WNRN and its programs. Especially Dead and Phriends on Saturday mornings. Just moved but still listen and love the app. Thank you WNRN!
Casey P., Portsmouth, VA
WNRN supports local musicians and local charities and businesses. Their music selection is the best around, and they introduce me to bands I’ve never heard of, and usually end up loving! I love this station.
Erin F. , Richmond, VA

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