Pass the Peace

August 25 2014, 11:09am
Categories: Community Connection


Pass the Peace, a benefit meal for Fairfield Center, will be held this Thursday, August 28 from 5 to 8 pm at A Bowl of Good, 1047 Port Republic Road, Harrisonburg. The price of $10 includes our Harvest Chili buffet meal, lemonade or tea and apple-nut dessert bar. Proceeds go to support peaceable resolution of conflict in our community through mediated settlements. Please find us at or 540.434.0059 or


The Harvest Chili Menu: Our delicious meal will include gluten-free, dairy-free, meat and vegan options. Here is the rundown:

• Compromise Veggie Casserole

• Mentorship Meat option (beef or lamb)

• People’s Pintos

• Restorative Rice

• Talk-it-out Tortillas (Corn)

• Supreme Court-certified Salads (slaw, cuke-tomato, lettuce)

• Dialogue Dessert Bars

• Lemonade/Iced Tea/Hot Tea

Proceeds from Pass the Peace will support Fairfield Center services, including

1. Mediation: 95% of Fairfield-mediated cases came to an agreement in 2013. 30% of our clients live on less than $11,000 annually, 70% live on less than $30,000 annually. While we receive a stipend for court-referred cases, it covers only half of our expenses. All other cases are billed on a sliding-scale basis.

2. Restorative Justice: we address crime-related issues that the courts cannot address, giving victims and/or offenders a chance to resolve personal challenges associated with the crime. We charge for these services on a sliding-scale basis; clients often have little or no income. We also offer Victim Impact courses to offenders

3. Civic Engagement: we advance dialogue and understanding in a community setting through facilitated forums and the Harrisonburg International Festival. The Festival is at a turning point, where it has reached a size and complexity that requires a paid director in order to continue this stand-out locally-sourced event.


Generous support for Pass the Peace comes from our August meal partners:

A Bowl of Good

Season’s Bounty

Portwood Farms

Friendly City Food Co-op

Thanks so much to these friends – we couldn’t do it without you!


Pass the Peace is a series of meals that takes place on a monthly basis, alternating between Augusta and Rockingham Counties.