The Business of Art: May 4th Culture Connection Show

May 5 2014, 3:24pm
Categories: Culture Connection

Most people rarely think about the arts and business simultaneously.  Audiences see finished products at live performances often without an understanding of the large number of people behind the scenes that made that performance happen. Viewers appreciate a sculpture or painting in a gallery without calculating the number of hours and dollars the artist spent on marketing efforts to get that piece into that gallery in the first place. Yet anyone who has seen Thierry Guetta’s  (aka Mr. Brainwash’s) documentary film, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFTSHOP, must note that there is a very serious business aspect involved with “successful” Art.

Since my usual co-host, Matthew Slaats was busy with the Revel this week, I got to do the show on my own. In my first interview  I had the pleasure of talking with David Fisk, Executive Director of The Richmond Symphony with Michelle Krisel, Executive and Artistic Director of The Ashlawn Opera offering insights on the business side of the performing arts.  During the second half of the program, Steve Tayler, Director of Second Street Gallery in Charlottesville and I chat about some of the challenges and rewards of operating a fine arts business.

Matthew will be back with me next month when we will investigate some cool art projects.

Thanks for listening.


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*Tad Abbey is the Producer of Culture Connection