Raven Paintings, Blackfriars Tour and a Drunken Triathlon: Culture Connection for May 26 – June 1

May 19 2014, 6:42am
Categories: Culture Connection

This week’s Culture Connection offers up some interested contrasts.  A triathlon of trivia, drinking and running, a tour of the only replica of Shakespeare’s indoor theater and some paintings inspired by Edger Allen Poe’s poem THE RAVEN.

For information regardign th featured events, click on the links provided.

Think, Drink, Run Triathlon: https://www.facebook.com/ThinkDrinkRun

Blackfriars Tour: http://www.americanshakespearecenter.com/

Poe inspired Paintings: http://www.poemuseum.org/event/2014/05/18

Have a great week and get out there and get cultured!


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