Levenson & Gordon talk about the State of Arts and Humanities on WNRN Culture Connection April 5, 2014

April 7 2014, 2:39pm
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Stanford University describes humanities as,

“the study of the myriad of ways in which people, from every period of history and from every corner of the globe, process and document the human experience.”

In tight economic times, the first cutbacks are always made around the Arts and Humanities. In recent years this trend has been named, the Humanities Crisis. On Today’s Culture Connections,  Michael Levenson, professor of English  and director of the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures and Bonnie Gordon associate professor in the McIntire department of music at the University of Virginia explore the supposed devaluation of creative thought in every day life and offer up a defense of how vital the arts and humanities are in everyday activities.

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