“Download” Play List 2012-11-05

November 5 2012, 2:26pm
Categories: Download

+ Daft Punk – Television Rules The Nation // Daft Punk “Human After All”
Tonikom – Eternal internal // Tonikom “Found And Lost”
$ Orb, The feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry – Ball of fire // Orb, The feat. Lee “Scratch” Perry “The Orbserver In The Star House”
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Compassion (capcom remix) // Bombay Dub Orchestra “New York Remixes”

Massiv In Mensch – Tanzmusik (radio edit) // Massiv In Mensch “Pop Corn / Tanzmusik”
Dada Life – So young so high // Dada Life “The Rules Of Dada”
Dub FX – Time and space // Dub FX “Radio Sampler”
$ Matthew Dear – Her fantasy // Matthew Dear “Beams”

JAFU – One lined face // JAFU “Add To Cart”
Two Fingers – Little brat // Two Fingers “Stunt Rhythms”
X Marks The Pedwalk – Run! Run! Mary! // X Marks The Pedwalk “The Sun, The Cold And My Underwater Fear”
Wax Tailor – No regret (feat. Shana Halligan) // Wax Tailor “Dusty Rainbows From The Dark”

$ Kid Koala – 6 bit blues // Kid Koala “12 Bit Blues”
Beats Antique – Hero // Beats Antique “Contraption Vol. II”
Sounds From The Ground – Darswana // Sounds From The Ground “Wider World”

Terminal 11 – Gruesome things // Terminal 11 “Self Exorcism”
Ludovico Technique – Heal my scars // Ludovico Technique “Some Things Are Beyond Therapy”
$ Boys Noize – Reality // Boys Noize “Out Of The Black”

Deadmau5 – Professional griefers (feat. Gerard Way) (instrumental) // Deadmau5 “Professional Griefers Feat. Gerard Way”
Blackburner – Electric flesh // Blackburner “Planet Earth Attack”
$ Flying Lotus – The nightcaller // Flying Lotus “Until The Quiet Comes”
My Dry Wet Mess – Austere coincidences // My Dry Wet Mess “Stereo Typing”

+: history track
$: CMJ RPM Top 5