How G Met the Avetts

February 10 2011, 9:10am
Categories: Acoustic Sunrise + Music News

On Tuesday, February 22nd your long wait is over because on that day G. Love releases his new album Fixin’ to Die.  The disc was produced by Scott and Seth Avett from the Avett Brothers and we’re now learning how the collaboration came to be.  They first met at the Brushfire Records office when the band was shopping for a record deal. He then caught them at a show in Boston, and after crossing paths at the Summercamp Festival they invited him to play harmonica with them onstage. G. Love explains that with each meeting they found more that they had in common musically, and eventually he felt comfortable asking them to team up with him on an album. The vocalist tells us, “Yeah it was nine days and it was really an amazing week and a half. I mean just the amount of focus we had and the amount of inspiration we had with the music, it was really great. I think it was a really important thing for all of us.”